Identify specific website actions to track micro-conversions and retarget leads

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April 18, 2022, 1:02 AM GMT+0

Micro-conversions are the completion of small tasks or secondary actions that signal high intent and a strong likelihood to convert.

For paid social, micro-conversion could include engagement with ads, opening lead generation forms or liking the brand’s social page. With micro-conversion strategies, brands can reduce their cost-per-landing page view by 60% and cost-per-lead by 71%. Similarly, conversion rates can grow by 65%.

To leverage micro-conversions, brands can optimise their website engagement towards users who are likely to take action on the site. Brands must identify which landing page actions, like social icon button or CTA button clicks, they want to track.

Building high-intent retargeting audiences based on specific micro-conversion actions can help brands improve bottom-funnel conversion metrics. Similarly, businesses can also capture and retarget leads who may have started filling a lead gen form but stopped mid-way. After building their micro-conversion audience segments, brands need to test the content they want to use to encourage conversions.

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