Leverage social listening to gather UGC, track competitors and improve products

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April 20, 2022, 1:25 AM GMT+0

Social listening is the process of tracking and reading customers’ opinions on the brand, its products and services.

By listening and analysing what customers are discussing about the brand online, marketers can better find out what exactly their target audiences are seeking in a product or service. Such insights can help the brand offer more relevant and useful solutions, and prepare to effectively tackle negative feedback.

Marketers must pay attention to what relevant social influencers are saying about the brand. Taking note of content and keywords the influencers use while talking about the brand can help marketers inform their own brand content. Similarly, social listening can also help brands keep a check on their competitors.

By following their competitors online, brands can identify what works best for them and how they can bridge their content gaps. Social listening can also help brands gather valuable user-generated content in the form of reviews or feedback. Such content pieces can then make their way to the brand’s official pages to boost larger consumer trust.

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