Offer expertise in online conversations to establish thought leadership

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April 20, 2022, 2:39 AM GMT+0

Brands that enjoy the status of being thought leaders have access to a large, highly-engaged audience, which generates ample exposure for their content.

Thought leaders are also more likely to attract sales and leverage opportunities to further boost brand awareness. Businesses must ensure they regularly participate in Twitter chats for people to notice the brand. When participating in online conversations, brands must offer their expertise and even respond to other participants.

Engaging with other industry leaders can help brands forge new relationships along with establishing themselves as thought leaders. Marketers must create a list of thought leaders on Twitter and closely track their posts. It can help them identify opportunities to engage with the leaders.

Brands should also curate content from other valuable sources to share among target audiences. Sharing such valuable content gives people a good reason to follow the brand’s account and consider it as a thought leader.

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