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April 21, 2022, 1:36 AM GMT+0

Brands should also interact with their network directly in conversation as people follow others on social media to participate in two-way communication.

A study found that people follow other accounts on social media to keep in touch and form social connections while expecting personal interactions. Given that users expect two-way communication on social media, brands must interact with their followers on social platforms and respond to their comments or posts.

Similarly, users primarily share content online to become useful to their respective networks. By focusing on creating relevant, high quality and practically useful content online, brands can boost the chances of their content being shared by others.

While creating content for social platforms, they should pick topics that have high practical value or trigger high-arousal emotions. But, consumers are also sceptical about social networks and do not very easily trust the information companies put out on social media. So, marketers need to target this sentiment by ensuring the brand content is transparent and authentic.

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