Negative reviews boost authenticity, improve local SEO, and balance reviews

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April 22, 2022, 9:26 AM GMT+0

Negative reviews have some benefits as they act as a balancing factor against too many positive reviews, that consumers may view with suspicion.

Given that consumers are aware that businesses can falsify or pay for positive reviews, a good rating, that includes negative reviews lends authenticity. Respond to a range of reviews, good and bad, to maintain a balance, improve business visibility and enhance local SEO.

When responding to negative reviews, marketers must understand the context of bad reviews and offer a sympathetic response. This convinces customers that the brand genuinely wants to understand their needs and help them. Moreover, a negative review can help brands identify which aspect of their businesses needs fixing and improvement.

For example, bad reviews can draw marketers’ attention to a faulty product or to an inexperienced team member who may need guidance. Brands can also consider leveraging a reputation management software to oversee their online reputation and analyse reviews.

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