Discuss pain points with fellow professionals to bolster B2B relationships 

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April 27, 2022, 3:51 PM GMT+0

Set up frequent interviews with existing business connections and schedule outreach sessions to boost your professional network.

B2B marketers must set clear goals and develop a strategy to expand their professional networks and bolster their business relationships effectively. Reassessing existing networks, business connections, and other social platforms can help find and connect with new people in the same professional niche.

B2B marketers must incorporate new channels into the marketing and content mix, like Discord, local events, and more, to further find and connect with professionals in the industry. Following up on new connections with a message of thanks and asking for their advice can help marketers make the connections last.

Marketers can also build long-term business relationships by discussing pain points and difficulties, seeking business advice, and more via digital and in-person meetings. Connecting with key professionals within the network can further bolster marketing efforts. 

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