Retailers are leveraging a mix of media tech and programmatic to increase sales

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April 27, 2022, 8:58 AM GMT+0

Data-driven advertisers can buy ads through retail-owned platforms, as retail media distinguishes itself from the other walled gardens in the programmatic ecosystem.

As more consumers shop online, the retail industry's adoption of media tech has enabled retailers across the sector to benefit from the growing online advertising sales. Further, implementing media tech can help retailers have manufacturers pay for digital versions of shelf placements and coupon promotions.

Many retailers have adopted a walled garden approach to their evolving ad platforms to incorporate media tech successfully. Retailers, however, are relying on programmatic vendors to link their walled gardens and the open ad tech ecosystem, unlike major players like Google, Meta, and others. Walmart's off-site ad sales are handled by The Trade Desk, whereas Target's media business Roundel employs Index Exchange as an SSP and Criteo and CitrusAds for the DSP.

With retailers implementing media tech, advertisers must find ways to execute their campaigns across various channels. Big retailers like Target and Walmart already use in-house and third-party vendors for ad tech, while mid-market retailers like Albertson's use in-house retail media tech. 

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