Prevent affiliate fraud by tracking user behaviour on their websites

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April 28, 2022, 9:12 AM GMT+0

Establish a comprehensive approach to evaluate the authenticity of the preferred affiliate partner to protect the brand against scam artists.

While affiliate marketing contributes to overall digital marketing revenue, brands must address the impending threat of illegal activities like affiliate fraud. Affiliate fraud can negatively impact revenue and undermine advertising efforts.

Frequently monitoring partner website traffic via software can prevent affiliate marketing fraud and track successful purchases. Implementing a fingerprint identification system on the site and monitoring user behaviour via a risk management platform can also prevent fraudsters from using multiple accounts.

Marketers should frequently update the terms and conditions, harness data from web pages, marketers, GPS, and more to build a data recovery plan and combat affiliate fraud. Request affiliate partners for consumer details and testimonials and analyse the payment methods and programs that pay limitless commissions to avoid further fraud.

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