Advertisers can leverage IP addresses to serve targeted ads across streaming media

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April 28, 2022, 12:43 PM GMT+0

Despite the standard for identity in cookie-based environments changing, IP remains the primary identifier for streaming media.

Given that many household-level streaming devices like smart TVs lack unique identifiers, IP addresses are imperative to engage with connected households. IP addresses are commonly used as identifiers to activate audience-targeted advertising across streaming devices.

While email addresses establish identity, they do not account for shared streaming media consumption. IP addresses are far more deeply integrated in the way the Internet functions, due to which they cannot be removed like cookies.

Moreover, with 70% of streaming television happening on the big screen and with most consumers not using VPNs, insights from IP addresses can help advertisers serve targeted ads. With IP addresses improving consumer experiences (CXs) via identity signals like user-agent strings, IPs are here to stay.

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