Trust and data accuracy comes under scrutiny as measurement providers sell ads

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May 10, 2022, 9:48 AM GMT+0

The eroding barrier between media and measurement can create data integrity concerns, posing a challenge to pure-play measurement companies.

Despite global crises like COVID-19, measurement and verification strategies have always been a safe refuge for marketers looking to boost awareness and sales through ads. To obtain advertiser trust and approval, measurement providers are increasingly allowing third-party platforms to measure the reach and frequency of campaigns.

However, advertiser trust and data accuracy are yet to be assessed from the third-party measurement platforms. The way measurement and verification providers collect data from unrelated activities, and profit from media transactions has raised questions about their effectiveness and independence.

In the meantime, Ad-selling companies have recently started to promote their ability to measure ads, while measurement and verification firms have entered the ad-selling business. These moves raise more questions about data integrity and whether those selling ad units and those monitoring them are truly independent. Advertisers must ensure that data provided by a partner with vested interests will not affect the verification and measurement of their spending.

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