Social media proxies can help hide IP addresses and use multiple brand accounts

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May 16, 2022, 6:48 AM GMT+0

By hiding their IP address, brands can avoid the risk of inviting an IP ban from social platforms.

Most social media platforms limit the number of accounts created from the same IP address. If brands exceed the limit, they can invite an IP ban, which in turn affects the brands’ revenue, sales and reputation. With social media proxies, brands can reduce the load time of social media platforms and hide their IP addresses.

Proxies can also help filter unwanted content, websites and lessen the risk of multiple accounts being banned. Proxies enable marketers to build a sustained brand presence on social media and boost their followers online.

When it comes to Instagram proxies, brands can link their IP addresses to real devices and ISPs and render them undetectable. Similarly, virgin proxies on Instagram allow brands to use IP address that have earlier not been used to create accounts on the platform. Marketers can use YouTube proxies, not just to hide an IP address but also to avoid content restriction in certain countries.

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