Investing in this kind of data can help enhance B2B paid search marketing

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May 23, 2022, 2:11 PM GMT+0

With third-party cookies starting to go extinct, targeting options like affinity audiences and in-market audiences are going away too.

Investing in first-party data can help B2B marketers effectively target their audiences. To use first-party data efficiently, advertisers need a good DMP (Data Management Platform) setup. But, the roadblock to this approach is the small size of first-party audiences for B2B companies.

To overcome this, B2B marketers can use similar audiences or lookalike audiences to amplify the signal of a small first-party audience and improve paid search marketing efforts. B2B companies can also use paid social to inform paid search and target upper-funnel audiences based on their employer, job title and company size, among other identifiers.

They should also create a dedicated landing page for paid search traffic and tag it for retargeting. Additionally, as B2B sales have a long sales cycle – around 12-18 months – B2B marketers should use micro-conversions as signals. They can further use these insights for audience segmentation, which can help target audiences better.

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