Featuring industry thought leaders in newsletters can help drive traffic

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June 06, 2022, 3:34 PM GMT+0

Leveraging industry thought leaders, experts and influencers as a starting point for their newsletters provides more value than simply hawking brand wares.

Instead of writing email newsletters that focus on sales, brands should consider offering value through newsletters. Value-added newsletters can help brands convert prospects into loyal customers. Brands can provide value by featuring industry experts, thought leaders and influencers in their newsletters.

By featuring thought leaders in newsletters, brands can demonstrate authority and improve networking. They can also win a chance to get mentioned on the expert’s blog or social media. Creating an online version of the newsletter and showing value upfront can help brands convince readers to subscribe.

Businesses should make sure the newsletter is visible on the website by putting it on the header, footer or sidebar. Further, consider repurposing newsletter content for a blog post or a YouTube video.

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