This is how brands can do a giveaway to boost brand awareness and drive sales  

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June 30, 2022, 7:35 AM GMT+0

Giveaways can help brands showcase their products and expand their reach while allowing consumers to engage with the brand.   

To do giveaways effectively, brands must first define their goals – improving brand awareness or boosting sales. Brands should make sure the gift is relevant and exciting for target audiences. They can also consider a limited-edition product or gift cards.   

Collaborating with relevant influencers and high-authority brands in the niche can help small-to-medium companies boost their reach. But, marketers should also ensure their influencer partner shares the same brand values and has a decent penetration in their niche.   

Businesses should use email marketing, blogs and social platforms to inform their customers about the giveaway. Further, brands can use referral marketing to encourage people to promote the giveaway.   

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