Include customer support team’s input while crafting marketing strategy

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July 01, 2022, 12:35 PM GMT+0

As the customer support team is always at the forefront of customer interactions, they can provide crucial customer insights, necessary for making effective marketing strategies.  

Customer support (CS) teams are likely to know the customers best. Using CS team’s input can help marketers make more data-driven decisions when putting together buyer personas. To make effective buyer personas, companies can conduct consumer surveys and leverage insights from analytics reports.  

Including CS team’s insights in content creation can help brands develop customer-centric content strategy. Use CS team’s input on each stage of customer-centric content production from brainstorming to revision. Further, brands should not only include CS teams into social media marketing planning but also provide customer support through social media. 

CS through social media can increase brand loyalty, save money and enhance ROI. Promptly responding to customer complaints on social platforms can increase customer advocacy by around 25%. 

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