Brands can use ad extensions to improve their Ad Rank

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July 04, 2022, 8:41 AM GMT+0

Influenced by factors like bid amount and quality score, Ad Rank is a metric that determines where a particular advert will be placed on a SERP.  

Businesses can use Ad Rank to improve their digital marketing efforts. Having a higher Ad Rank can help brands reduce the costs of PPC ad campaigns. Ad Rank can also affect a brand’s app downloads, online visibility, user experience, ROI and Quality Score.  

To improve Ad Rank, brands must focus more on their Quality Score and bid. While bid is the amount the brand is willing to pay per click, Quality Score is based on several factors including CTR, relevance and landing page experience.  

Using ad extensions can help brands get more visibility and clicks, and encourage more users to take action on the ad. However, they should update their keywords and targeting tactic to ensure the adverts are relevant to their prospects. 

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