YouTube releases new guide to help utilise YouTube Shorts better

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September 05, 2022, 3:33 PM GMT+0

The 31-page guide is an exhaustive overview of creating, editing and boosting the engagement of YouTube Shorts video clips.

YouTube has published a new guide to help users leverage YouTube Shorts - from a basic overview of the short-form video format to trends, tips and analytics. The guide begins by explaining how users can shoot videos to upload on Shorts.

The overview guides readers on advanced editing and creating techniques, such as pulling previously recorded videos on the camera roll and adding them to the Shorts clips. Users can also add sound or text to their camera roll videos on the Shorts platform.

Along with helping readers better understand how they can incorporate sounds and music into their videos, the guide offers insights on Shorts discovery and how content on the platform is highlighted to other users. To maximise engagement, creators can also access trend tips, such as starting and ending the video with the same shot.

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