This Hispanic Heritage Month, focus on meaningfully celebrating the community

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September 16, 2022, 12:00 PM GMT+0

When celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month from a business standpoint, brands need to understand the many cultures and traditions that exist within the Hispanic community.

Understanding how diverse the community truly is can help the brand highlight Hispanic heritage better. For instance, marketers can leverage content generated by their Hispanic customers and feature them on their social-media channels.

Similarly, marketers can shine a spotlight on key Hispanic leaders or creators in the brand’s industry to ensure Hispanics are  represented by the company. Along with focussing on Hispanic creators, companies can even shine the light on their Hispanic employees and feature them on their social media pages as well.

This not only boosts audience engagement but also strengthens employee connections. Finally, creating marketing content in Spanish and featuring Hispanic cultural elements in overall marketing efforts prove vital for businesses looking to forge strong, critical connections with their Hispanic customers.

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