To use AI image generation tools sans copyright woes, focus on their terms of use

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September 22, 2022, 12:28 PM GMT+0

While marketers can largely use AI-generated images, reading the fine print about using such images in marketing content without potential copyright concerns is advisable.

Platforms like stock photo sites are reassessing the upload and sale of AI-generated illustrations for a range of reasons, such as protecting artists whose work may have been used as source material to generate the images. Given that legal consensus to support such rules may take a long time before coming to fruition, marketers today may benefit by focusing on AI-image generating tools’ policies.

For example, certain tools urge users to create illustrations that do not depict violence, hate symbols, images of people without their consent or public figures. When looking to create images that include real people, marketers must ensure they do not end up using images of people’s actual faces.

Similarly, when sourcing images from different platforms, marketers could also try to adhere to the terms of use of those specific platforms. Clearly stating that the images being used are generated by AI tools can also help brands maintain a level of clarity among their audiences.

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