Publishers must opt for data clean rooms that help maximise their match rates

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September 26, 2022, 11:31 AM GMT+0

To properly leverage clean rooms, publishers must build large data sets to tackle low match rates.

In their endeavour to find sustainable ways to scale their data without third-party cookies, publishers can benefit from solutions that improve match rates in data clean rooms. Data clean rooms have been collaborating with IPG-owned data management business Acxiom to boost match rates between different data sets.

Media owners who want to expand their match rates through one-on-one matches can use data clean rooms where matching takes place without exposing or sharing underlying data with any party involved. But successful targeting via technologies requires marketers to create large data sets to overcome the issues of low match rates.

While data clean rooms with buy-in from most advertisers can help clients tend to different deals with different vendors, interoperability remains a major point of confusion. For instance, publishers and software providers may define identity and audiences slightly differently.

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