Instagram's latest overview explains how brands can make better use of Reels 

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September 28, 2022, 2:37 PM GMT+0

The 23-page overview offers notes, tips and statistics on how brands can use Reels for promotion and community building.  

Along with underlining why marketers ought to incorporate Reels into their Instagram marketing strategies, the "how-to-guide" offers brands a variety of pointers and notes to leverage the short video format. The guide advises brands on understanding how exactly on-screen display overlays will impact brand content. 

Statistics back each element that Instagram elaborates on in the overview. For example, while stating that brands should add visual effects by using a green screen when shooting their Reels, the guide backs it up by mentioning how 40% of Reels have effects.  

Brands are also advised about the optimum ad formats they can use and tips on collaborating with the right Instagram creators. The preview explains that marketers should take time to check every detail of the final deliverables, regularly share feedback with the creators to keep sight of the brand's goals and use Insights to measure impact on audiences.  

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