Franchisor brands can leverage video marketing to enhance the recruitment process

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November 09, 2022, 12:00 PM GMT+0

The video format lets viewers emotionally connect with a brand through the visualisation of feeling and expressions. 

When franchisors are recruiting and validating franchisee potentials, allowing candidates to speak with representatives and existing franchise owners helps. With videos, how existing franchise owners interact with franchisee potentials during the recruitment process is much smoother. 

This also lets franchisors decide on the narrative of how the brand image is conveyed. Further, video can act as a first-person testimonial. As such, videos may better connect with viewers, as the format can covey the presenter’s emotions and expressions in real time. 

There is also a need for video marketing with so many chances for miscommunication in non-visual media like emails, texts, and phone calls. Additionally, videos are advantageous to have amidst short audience attention spans and rising rapid-format platforms like TikTok. 

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