Boost revenue and build brand advocacy through shoppable content

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November 10, 2022, 8:07 AM GMT+0

The article cites that e-commerce is predicted to make up almost a quarter of all global retail sales by 2026. 
The shorter sales cycles and streamlined customer journeys offered by shoppable content can lead to higher conversions. It also reduces the likelihood of businesses to lose customer at drop-off points in customer journeys. 

When customers come across shoppable content on social platforms like Instagram, they may be more receptive to ads. This is a chance for businesses to leverage visuals like product pictures and videos to entice buyers. Hosting shoppable content on social platforms allows brands to leverage their audience and post insights, through the platform itself. 

Additionally, social channels present an opportunity to garner social proof—real people using a product. This can be achieved through collaborations with influencers, affiliates, brand ambassadors, and the comment sections of posts. 

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