Create marketing strategies with real-time audience data to boost conversions

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November 21, 2022, 11:46 AM GMT+0

Use real-time data to gain insight into traffic sources, return on ad spend, and general e-commerce analytics. 

With marketing relying more on real-time data, businesses need to enhance future marketing efforts. Use comprehensive website analytics dashboards that provide real-time data on multiple lead sources within the digital marketing campaign. 
Additionally, with third-party data on its way out and external sources being unreliable, marketers should collect data themselves. Businesses can deploy surveys and chatbots to learn about audience preferences. Use these data points to enhance A/B testing and create a personalised experience that caters to consumer interests. 

Further, humanise the brand by creating memorable ads and telling a story through online media. Brands can also consider looking at satisfied clients and influencers as a source for authentic content, to build trust, brand awareness and credibility. 

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