Leverage different fonts to enhance brand image and drive audience engagement

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November 25, 2022, 11:13 AM GMT+0

When choosing a font, consider how it will appear across both digital and print media.  
Fonts can be used to enhance and express the tone and personality of a brand. Selecting the right font depends on what the business offers and the demographics of the target audience. It also depends on what the brand’s message and intentions are. 
To deliver a simple, direct message, fonts like Sans Serif, Arial or Helvetica should be considered. Non-decorative fonts can communicate an image of honesty. For more niche brands or products, brands can use more complex or lower-case fonts not often used by competitors. 
Brands can also use bold fonts to showcase an assertive brand image. Conversely, creating an elegant and comforting brand image with script-style fonts can be effective, especially for businesses that sell sweet foods, cosmetics, bedding, and so on.

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