Carrying on with PR efforts during economic uncertainty is beneficial

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November 29, 2022, 12:35 PM GMT+0

Public relations-generated endorsements are essential to keeping brand image alive during times of economic stresses. 
With recession being forecast for 2023, PR and branding efforts are important crisis-management tactics that should be prioritised. Utilising PR tactics like social media posts, blogs, newsletters, and community polls are effective ways to maintain contact and strengthen relationships with clients. 
Companies can also use PR to boost cross-branding efforts through podcasts, video interviews, and joint press releases. These methods can help build rapport and establish genuine connections with target audiences. PR also allows brands to gain demographic insights into their target audience through back-end data collection. 
By using PR to cultivate clients and maintain a healthy public opinion, brands can boost market share, product sales, and ROI. Leveraging PR in this manner can help companies navigate a potential economic crisis in the future.

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