Intercept keywords can help brands tap into specific user segments

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December 02, 2022, 12:58 PM GMT+0

Intercept keywords are made by placing qualifying keywords before or after generic keywords or generic keyword targets.

Intercept keywords can be used to target customers who either have a specific use for the brand’s product, who already know about the service being offered or are on the fence about making a purchase. These keywords help capture traffic from their competitors by using variations of common searches.

In order to find relevant intercept keywords, brands must first identify what kind of questions their ideal customers would ask before finalising what they want to buy. For instance, most common buyer journey queries include words like ‘alternatives’, ‘cost’ or ‘best’.

Combine commonly used keywords with intercept keywords specific to an industry niche or brand. Once identified, intercept keywords can be used to create relevant brand pages and content to address exact customer concerns.

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