Marketers can overcome the recession by re-aligning marketing and sales teams' efforts 

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December 12, 2022, 1:51 PM GMT+0

Businesses' short-term marketing strategies can be an essential survival tool in a recession.

One of the ways to fortify a business's marketing strategy ahead of a potential recession is for the sales team to target the same audience. Contacting customers already in the pipeline can accelerate the process and boost deal closures.

Eliminating the precious time between warm leads and the sales response can further sales. Businesses can achieve this by tracking person-based marketing engagements and automating the follow-up processes. Additionally, sales and marketing teams should work in tandem throughout the entire funnel.

Using a common set of metrics between sales and marketing is also beneficial. This approach can break down the silos and enable marketers to see tangible results that ultimately improve sales. 

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