YouTubers are boosting their #Shorts videos on the platform

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December 12, 2022, 2:02 PM GMT+0

YouTubers will only get a 45% share of the ad revenue from Shorts, compared to the 55% they get from long-from videos.

YouTube is set to launch the Shorts revenue-sharing initiative on the platform early next year. However, content creators are already preparing for the February 2023 launch by strengthening their viewership and subscriber growth.

Given that the revenue programme will be based on viewership building up momentum with the YouTube algorithm could prove advantageous for creators. The revenue that creators receive through their Shorts will be allocated monthly. The amount of money they receive will depend on total Shorts views.

Shorts have become more popular over the last quarter. Videos with the "#Shorts" tag were up 51% compared to the previous 90-day period. This Number indicates that more creators are experimenting with Shorts. 

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