Use personalised CTAs to boost audience engagement and conversions

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December 14, 2022, 7:25 AM GMT+0

Effective CTAs can help reduce bounce rates and simplify the user journey. 
The key to crafting an impactful CTA, is making it personal and letting audiences feel like the message is speaking directly to them. Ideally, the CTA should be addressing an individual’s unique needs and offering solutions to their problems. 
To improve the click-through rate, clearly communicate next steps to readers with actionable verbs like "Shop" or "Order" in the CTA. Parallelly, consider using A/B testing and colour psychology to identify which font, button size, and colour combination has the most impact, visually. 

Another important aspect to consider is the CTA placement. CTAs can be placed at the top or bottom of a page, depending on the page size and text length. Alternatively, two CTAs can be added to the top and bottom of a longer page.

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