PR pros must manage client expectations by framing a clear strategy, defining goals

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December 16, 2022, 11:39 AM GMT+0

Asking clients specific questions can help PR pros understand client requirements and expectations.  
A good practice for managing client expectations is to outline a mixture of yes-or-no questions and some open-ended ones as well. This combination can aid in gathering both broad and specific information. 
During the meeting, it is crucial to actively listen and even record the conversation to recap later. Repeat the key takeaways to the client to confirm them and put them in writing. PR agencies can also manage expectations by framing timelines for certain goals. When outlining deadlines, include potential roadblocks, the impact they could have, and how they may be overcome, to keep the project moving. 

Additionally, share the anticipated end result with clients to give them time to react, ask questions, and adjust their own expectations. Also include a written report, that measures a project’s results.

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