Measure marketing campaign success with past metrics and consumer sentiment

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December 26, 2022, 11:45 AM GMT+0

An effective marketing campaign can help raise brand awareness, boost sales, and increase event attendance. 

To measure the success of marketing campaigns, first establish a benchmark based on historical data. This data could come from past online store traffic volumes and conversion rates, or the website traffic generated via pay-per-click ads. 
While metrics are important, some goals need qualitative data to measure success. Marketers can use customer survey comments or sentiment analyses from focus groups to determine shifts in customer loyalty. Positive feedback and an increase in loyalty could indicate success, especially after a rebranding campaign. 
Additionally, use different digital marketing attribution models that link campaigns to digital assets like landing pages, blogs, and social media channels. Analyse which asset contributes to a higher conversion rate. Further, use targeted email and mobile messages to test customer interest and gather data on retention rates.

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