Use intentional marketing strategies to generate revenue in 2023

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December 27, 2022, 11:13 AM GMT+0

Move away from spray-and-pray marketing to overcome growing expenses, cautious buying, and lower ROI. 

To combat potential market downturns and booms in 2023, marketers should focus on intentional marketing tactics. One such strategy is account-based marketing and sales. This approach gets both the sales and marketing teams to focus their collective efforts on the same accounts. 
Another strategy is identifying accounts that will most likely buy products or services. To identify buyers more easily, B2B marketers should pinpoint trigger events that reveal when prospective customers are likely to buy. Additionally, look for intent signals in companies like new funding, job posting, or senior specialist joining the company. 
All these signals indicate growth and, therefore, the potential to buy. In the current market environment where budgets are tight, companies may benefit more by combining these two approaches to build a pipeline.

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