Brands can recession-proof email deliverability by being strategic

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January 03, 2023, 11:03 AM GMT+0

Email is nearly recession-proof due to its evergreen format, reach, low cost, and overall impact on marketing stacks. 

In the face of a possible recession, email content should ideally maintain an appropriate tone in its communications. Brands can offer audiences content that goes beyond sales. This approach can incorporate newsletters, community services, and benefits.  
Changes to the strategy, volumes, domain, content, or even branding should take place gradually, to smoothly transition both customers and filters of the mail service provider. Additionally, brands can use loyalty programs to collect first party data to target customers with personalised messaging.

Further, consider establishing harmonious partnerships with relevant products or services to keep audiences engaged. With the right partnership, brands can expand their audience base by providing added value to customers, even in a recession.

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