Leverage paid ads to boost product category ranking and sales on Amazon

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January 05, 2023, 12:24 PM GMT+0

Using Amazon Ads can increase the likelihood of purchases, ranking, searches, and boost brand awareness. 

Advertising on Amazon can boost product category rankings, increase customer searches, and protect against competitors. Brands can also use "off-Amazon" ads to drive traffic from external sources and boost rankings. 

Additionally, create product pages that resonate with customers and tell them about how the product solves a problem or meets their need. Supplement this narrative with basic elements like the title, bullet points, images, and the product name. Simultaneously, optimise product pages for Amazon’s algorithm by studying the most-searched products in their category and auditing the content accordingly.  
Further, consider using Amazon’s organic tools like the Brand Analytics report, Search Analytics, and Brand Metrics to inform ad campaigns. These tools also help identify the market dominance of products on the platform. 

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