Shift from an SEO-first to a content-first strategy to boost content SEO in 2023 

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January 13, 2023, 2:48 PM GMT+0

Identify the target audience, their questions, how the content can answer them, and how it factors into the sales funnel.

Any content created should be value-adding by nature. Brands should avoid content that borders on clickbait, covers trending yet irrelevant topics, or is machine-written and stuffed with keywords. Ideally, content should be written for humans, not Google.

Avoid overusing keywords in the body, H2s, and H3s; use semantically related terms sparingly. Instead, consider creating content that answers the reader’s questions. During the SERP analysis phase, identify the competition’s target audience. Investigate how they answer questions and the topics the top-ranking sites cover.

Additionally, create content showcasing the business’s industry expertise or leverage subject-matter experts’ knowledge. Moreover, providing audiences with a fresh and enjoyable reading experience is essential. 

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