Newsletter generated first-party data can help publishers find new opportunities

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February 14, 2023, 1:24 PM GMT+0

Email newsletters are a useful way to gather first-party data.

Email newsletters provide a valuable opportunity for publishers to collect first-party data. By analysing how readers engage with content, publishers can categorize their audience based on interests such as sports fans, health & wellness enthusiasts, and finance experts. The newsletter content and ad engagement data can also provide insight into reader behaviour.

The data collected from the newsletter program can also be useful for other channels. Identifying site visitors can help understand and compare email readers with website users. This information can significantly improve online ad sales efforts by extending campaigns to the most engaged audience.

The use of first-party data extends beyond ad sales and marketing, as it can also play a crucial role in for retail outlets who are increasingly relying on retail media networks. Publishers can determine the products that interest their readers and determine the best-sponsored content or affiliate deals to pursue.

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