These are the three essential elements of a great Super Bowl ad

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February 15, 2023, 6:06 PM GMT+0

Super Bowl marketers look beyond likability and popularity and focus on strengthening the brand in some meaningful way. 

Creating a great Super Bowl ad is perhaps the most significant challenge a marketer will face. There are three important ways to measure the strategic strength of a Superbowl ad: the ad clearly and convincingly communicates an element of competitive advantage, the drama in the ad is connected to the product or service, and the story is linked to the product.

Focussing on the unique value that brands create for consumers can help convince consumers to consider (and buy) them. A successful Super Bowl ad creates clearly understood and memorable drama that engages and entertains consumers in a way that drives recall.

The final test of a successful Super Bowl ad is whether it strengthens the brand and business. Many ads resonate with consumers but don't inspire or motivate a purchase or deepen or change how consumers feel about the brand. A successful Superbowl ad not only resonates but convinces the customer to take action. 

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