PR pros can use AI for crisis management and to manage company reputation

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May 17, 2023, 1:14 PM GMT+0

This article suggests ways in which generative artificial intelligence (AI) can be used by public relations (PR) firms to improve operations and provide better service overall. 

PR companies can use AI in conducting sentiment analysis to understand the public's sentiment towards a company or brand. This analysis can help PR professionals adjust brand messaging accordingly. AI can also be used to find the right social media influencers by analysing social media data. 

Content creation tools that are AI driven and use NLP and machine learning can help develop new articles, blog posts and social media updates. AI being integrated into virtual assistants in PR firms can be used to handle routine customer service inquiries. 

A crisis management tool that's AI-powered makes it easier to monitor social media for negative sentiment and respond quickly. A similar approach can be taken for reputation management. 

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