While creating brand content, collaborate with a diverse set of voices

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May 18, 2023, 12:16 PM GMT+0

In this article, the author notes that for content marketing, accessibility and inclusion should be a fundamental aspect of the content creation strategy and not an afterthought.

To start, companies must decide what accessible and inclusive content would mean for them. Prepare a style guide to that effect. When choosing images that will support a content piece, make sure that diversity is being represented. 

Special attention should be paid to alt text descriptions so that it enhances brand content, is fun and playful while also justifiably describing the image. While creating video content, note that your audience might range from being hearing-impaired to having neurological disorders to having ADHD. 

To be sensitive to these audiences, disable auto-play, loud default volumes or flashing lights in videos. Additionally, because representation matters, be intentional in seeking a diverse group of people to collaborator with.   

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