Victoria’s Secret Purchase Consideration Spikes In 2014

Ted MarzilliCEO YouGov Direct
December 16, 2014, 9:12 PM GMT+0

This Christmas may prove to be merrier (and more profitable) than usual for Victoria’s Secret: its purchase consideration scores for women, a key indicator of potential revenue, are much higher after this year’s nationally broadcast Fashion Show than last year’s.

After last year’s initial fashion show broadcast on December 10th, about 25% of women would consider buying at Victoria’s Secret next time they were looking to shop at a retailer, representing an increase of just two percentage points from pre-show levels. A rebroadcast of the show six nights later seemed to have no effect on purchase consideration, and the score dropped to 20% by the end of the month.

However, this year painted a dramatically different picture: after an apparently successful August introduction of a new women’s underwear line, Victoria’s Secret arrived at this year’s telecast with already elevated purchase consideration levels compared to earlier in the year. Starting at a 24% score on the night of the December 2nd broadcast, Victoria’s Secret jumped to 30% by this past weekend, representing the company’s highest purchase consideration levels for women in nearly two years. This despite lower ad awareness figures than the same time last year.

The combination of a London show debut, along with this year’s wardrobe selection and Taylor Swift’s performance just as her current hit single is peaking may have contributed to this new high score with women.

For men, however, all of that effort on behalf of the brand does seem to be impacting potential spending. Both this year and last year, purchase consideration inched up just a couple of percentage points after the fashion show aired, to about 16%.

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