Texas Roadhouse & BJ’s Top Millennial Satisfaction Levels

Ted MarzilliCEO YouGov Direct
April 15, 2016, 8:53 PM GMT+0

Louisville, KY-based steakhouse chain Texas Roadhouse and Nanuet, NY-based pub-style BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse command the highest satisfaction ratings in the casual dining sector among millennials.

Texas Roadhouse is known for its lively atmosphere, and customization options such as picking out the steak you want to eat.

Cheesecake Factory, Taco Cabana, and Red Robin follow close in order behind Texas Roadhouse and BJ’s.

Over the past 16 months, millennials show higher customer satisfaction levels with casual dining restaurants than they do with QSR restaurants. The same is true for adults 35+.

But the millennial generation shows an interesting divergence from older adults. Millennials rate the casual dining sector as a whole higher on customer satisfaction than adults 35+. But millennial satisfaction is lower than 35+ year olds for the QSR sector.

Still, over the past year, several casual dining chains have shown significant declines with millennials on customer satisfaction.

Restaurants that wish to emulate the success of BJ’s and Texas Roadhouse might want to take into account the following findings from YouGov’s new Profiles service. The following attitudes are more prevalent for millennials than those 35+:

  • I don't mind paying more for organic food.
  • I like going to trendy bars and restaurant.
  • I search for products and services on my phone as a result of seeing posters and billboards.
  • I just don't have time to cook for myself.

YouGov BrandIndex measured all major casual dining chains with its Satisfaction score on adults age 18 through 34. The question asked to respondents is "Are you a satisfied customer?"

Profiles collects and connects data on demographics, attitudes and opinions, brand usage and perception, media consumption, lifestyle, and social media and digital engagement. Profiles is comprised of more than 200,000 of the most active YouGov panelists. The data is updated continuously and weighted appropriately to represent a nationally representative sample.

Satisfaction: Casual Dining Sector (Millennials, Aware Only)

Image credit: Dwight Burdette