The social voice of brands: How Americans and Brits feel about brands engaging with social issues

A majority of American and British consumers believe it is at least somewhat important for brands to have a clear point of view on social issues

In the wake of Colin Kaepernick’s partnership with Nike for the brand’s 30th anniversary of its “Just Do It” campaign, consumers were not shy in expressing their approval or disapproval of the situation. Nike’s decision to cast Kaepernick is seen by many as taking a stance on the issues the former NFL quarterback currently campaigns against – police brutality and racial injustice. But do consumers even want brands to take a stance on social issues to begin with?

In a new report, YouGov explores that very question among American and British consumers. The study finds that a majority of US (78%) and UK (80%) consumers believe to some extent that it is important for brands to have a clear point of view on the wider issues in society. How consumers perceive the authenticity of a brand’s stance is another issue the white paper examines.

The report will also look at:

  • The specific reasons why people think a brand should voice its opinion
  • The industries in which people think having a clear point of view is most important
  • The risks versus rewards of taking a stance among consumers who support or boycott a brand depending on its opinion
  • The differences and similarities between American and British consumers over brands engaging with social issues

The findings in the study indicate that consumers don't want brands to just stand on the sidelines. Those with a clear understanding of their brand’s values and an ability to convey them authentically can forge loyal customers. This report can help assess the risk and rewards of taking the first step off the sidelines.

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