This study is bananas

Andrew GreinerHead of Content for US
September 18, 2019, 5:31 PM GMT+0

Americans eat a lot of bananas.

The average American consumes about 28 pounds worth of bananas each year, according to reports.

But not everyone likes their bananas the same way. In fact, there’s some disparity in opinion about what is the correct ripeness at which to consume the fruit.

Some Americans prefer them green (5%), a plurality of Americans prefer them yellow with a little bit of green (47%), fewer like them solid yellow (31%) and still others prefer them with a dash of brown spots (11%).

Things get a little bit more, well, bananas, when looking at how different generations feel about ripeness.

For instance, Millennials are more likely to prefer a completely green banana than are members of the Baby Boomer generation. GenXers are more likely to want a solid yellow banana (with no green or brown present) than are Millennials and Baby Boomers. But more than half of all Baby Boomers prefer a banana with a little bit of green left on it.

So, it really turns out that ripeness is in the eye of the beholder. Some like it green and some like it yellow, but almost no one likes their bananas completely brown.

Read the full study here.

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