The top consoles and games this 2019 holiday season, according to parents

Graeme BruceBusiness Data Journalist
December 05, 2019, 2:47 PM GMT+0

Video games are due for a big holiday season. A YouGov survey from November 2019 shows that 40 percent of parents with children who play games expect to spend more on gaming gifts this year than they did last year.

The poll, which was first published on Digital Trends, asks parents of children between the ages of 5 and 18 what gaming gifts they expect to purchase this holiday shopping season. The data shows that the Nintendo Switch and its exclusive games are expected to dominate sales this year.

Four out of the five most popular video game titles this holiday season are specific to the Nintendo Switch. Among the top 10 games parents think their children will be most interested in playing or receiving, six are available only on that platform.

The Nintendo Switch was among the top items sold on Black Friday, according to a CNN report. Data from YouGov’s latest survey shows that at least one in five parents of children who game expect to purchase a Playstation 4 (22%) or Nintendo Switch (21%) this holiday season.

Strong sales expected

This is shaping up to be a hot season for video game sales as 40 percent of parents with children who play video games intend to spend more than they did last year.

In-game purchases are also expected to be lucrative among parents with children who game. These parents expect to spend $180 between new games and in-game content. One out of every five dollars spent in this category is expected to go toward purchasing in-game content.

Parents of gamers expect to purchase 5 individual games, and close to half (47%) also expect to purchase a new console this holiday shopping season.

When deciding which games to purchase for their children, the vast majority of parents (88%) say they will browse online and 62 percent say browse in retail stores. By and large, those parents browsing online for titles are headed to retail sites such as Amazon, Walmart, Target and GameStop. Nearly a third (31%) say they intend to mostly purchase online.

Impact of new consoles next year

Earlier this year, Microsoft and Sony announced that their new consoles will be released in 2020. Just over half (56%) of Americans are aware of the expected release of Microsoft's Xbox Project Scarlett or Sony's PlayStation 5.

These announcements do not make a major impact on buying and spending intentions for new games, even among parents of children who play video games. Just six percent of these parents who were aware of the new console launches will spend less on console games in anticipation of the new releases next year.

Among those aware of the forthcoming console launches, nearly half (49%) say that will not impact their intent to purchase a new console this holiday season, while 22 percent will wait for a new console next year.

Nintendo sees some benefit from its competitors’ announcements. Nearly one in five (18%) parents say they are more likely to buy a Switch this year now that they know new Microsoft and Sony consoles are being released next year.

Further, 18 percent will wait to purchase a current generation Xbox One or PlayStation 4 next year at a discount.

Methodology: Total sample size was 1,522 parents of gamers aged 5-18 who play videogames at least 1 hour per week and plan to purchase new video games for or give gift cards/cash to be used for in-game purchases this November and December. Field work was undertaken between November 4-8, 2019. All interviews were conducted online and the figures have been weighted.

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