Which toppings make America's favorite burger?

Hoang NguyenData Journalist
May 21, 2020, 6:00 PM GMT+0

Memorial Day honors the men and women who died serving in the US military and for a majority of Americans (61%), the long weekend also marks the unofficial start of summer.

As Americans dust off their barbeques and prepare for Memorial Day Weekend, hamburgers will likely be among the first summertime staples to grace their grills. According to a YouGov survey in May, 73 percent of Americans say they like meat-based burgers. Fewer than one in 11 people say they dislike burgers (8%) and 10 percent have no opinion.

What toppings are Americans putting on their burgers?

A burger is only as good as what’s placed between the buns and the patty—at least according to Americans who say they like burgers. Just 2 percent of that group say they do not put toppings on their burgers, leaving a vast majority to debate their favorites.

Nearly three in four (74%) say they typically use cheese as a burger topping, followed by ketchup (65%), lettuce (64%), tomatoes (58%), onions (57%), pickles (54%), and mustard (52%).

At least one in five say they also like bacon (45%), mayo/aioli (43%), mushrooms (23%), and fries (20%) on their burgers.

How do Americans like their burgers cooked?

A separate YouGov survey fielded among 1,295 US adults in August 2019 finds that two in five Americans prefer their hamburgers cooked well-done. That’s the leading answer followed by 20 percent who say they like their burgers medium-well and 17 percent who like it cooked medium.

Women are significantly more likely to prefer their burgers well-done (47%) when compared with men (33%).


The survey is based on the interviews of 1,179 US adults aged 18 and over between May 18 to 19, 2020. All interviews are conducted online and results are weighted to be nationally representative. See the full results from this survey here.

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