Which company sees the biggest boost in brand health in the past 12 months? Xfinity

Graeme BruceBusiness Data Journalist
November 24, 2020, 9:04 PM GMT+0

Xfinity, Comcast’s telecommunications subsidiary, saw the largest increase in brand health in the US this year, according to newly released rankings by YouGov.

The brand posted a BrandIndex score change of +4.5 during the past 12 months, the biggest jump of any of the thousands of brands tracked by YouGov. This score takes into account perceptions of a brand’s reputation; whether consumers would recommend the brand; and whether it represents good value and quality.

Xfinity’s boost coincides with the pandemic, as more Americans rely on at-home broadband and cable services for both work and entertainment during lockdown periods. Xfinity’s parent company Comcast posted a gain of 323,000 broadband subscribers in its second quarter, beating the expectations of analysts.

Comcast also extended free access to its 1.5 million Xfinity hotspots across the country until the end of 2020. At the beginning of the pandemic, the company offered 60 days of internet service without charge to help deal with the challenges of COVID-19. The company later extended the program’s eligibility to include seniors, veterans, and people with disabilities. In July, the company reported 600,000 low-income Americans had taken advantage of the program.

The Xfinity brand is certainly a bright spot in Comcast’s portfolio, as the pandemic negatively impacted some other aspects of the business, including theme parks and movie production.