Americans' favorite pizza topping is pepperoni. Their least favorite, by far: anchovies

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May 16, 2023, 6:00 PM GMT+0

Pepperoni continues to reign atop Americans' pizzas.

A new YouGov survey reveals that America’s favorite pizza topping is pepperoni, with 24% listing this as their favorite topping. Pepperoni has many lovers and few haters: Fewer than 1% say it's their least favorite topping. Sausage is a distant second (13%), followed by extra cheese (11%), mushrooms (9%), and chicken (6%).

The nation’s least favorite pizza topping is anchovies: 29% say it's their least favorite. You could say anchovies are polarizing but people lean hard to one pole: Only 1% name them as their favorite topping. Jalapeños (8%), pineapple (6%), eggplant (6%), broccoli (5%), and mushrooms (5%) follow — far behind.

Before asking about favorite and least favorite toppings, the survey asked Americans to evaluate toppings on a scale from “love it” to “hate it.” (Each respondent then chose their favorite and least favorite toppings from among those they listed as their most liked and disliked.) The most-beloved pizza topping is extra cheese, which 51% of Americans say they love and 33% like. Pepperoni is effectively tied: 50% say they love it and 32% like it. The next most-loved topping is sausage (44%), followed by mushrooms (41%), peppers (34%), onions (33%), bacon (33%), and fresh garlic (32%).

And — with apologies to 77% of Italians — 22% of Americans love pineapple on their pizza. Another 37% like it, while 18% dislike it and 19% hate it.

What about the most hated toppings? Four in 10 (42%) hate anchovies, 28% hate eggplant, 26% hate artichokes, 24% hate jalapeños, and 22% hate broccoli.

Beyond toppings, the survey also asked Americans about their preferences when it comes to pizza crusts, slice shapes, dipping sauces, and more pressing pizza practices.

Most Americans (79%) are eating their pizza crust, though about one in five (19%) say they don’t eat the edge of the pizza with no sauce. When it comes to crust style, the largest share of Americans (39%) prefer thin-crust pizza, while 30% say they prefer a thick crust. Fewer (16%) prefer a stuffed-crust pizza and 14% say they don’t have a preference.

Thin-crust pizza also frequently is called New York-style pizza. When asked about preferences among eight regional styles, 27% say New York-style is their favorite. Chicago-style pizza — often called deep dish — comes in second with 19%, followed by Detroit-style pizza at 4%. Many pizza eaters favor a style that’s associated with their region. Northeasterners are particularly likely to favor New York-style pizza, at 47%; Midwesterners are most likely to favor Chicago-style pizza (30%). Among people who live in the West, 19% prefer California-style pizza — though about as many (18%) prefer New York-style pizza.

While the majority of people (75%) prefer their pizza be cut in triangular slices, 15% prefer a square slice and 5% prefer their pizza cut in strips.

How do Americans eat their pizza? The largest share (73%) eat it with their hands, but 11% usually eat pizza with a fork and knife.

The majority of Americans enjoy a dipping sauce with their pizza. About a quarter (23%) say they typically have marinara sauce with their pizza, and 23% have garlic butter. A similar percentage (22%) say they dip or add ranch dressing to their pizza, and fewer (12%) have it with hot sauce.

— Carl Bialik and Taylor Orth contributed to this article

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