YouGov Affluent Perspective 2018: Global Business Leaders

Cara DavidManaging Partner
December 13, 2018, 8:00 PM GMT+0

The latest findings from YouGov’s Affluent Perspective detail how affluent global business leaders feel about their company’s performance and likely future success. These leaders – defined as owners or C-level executives – are enterprising, well-educated, and self-made. They represent a wide variety of industries – from financial services to manufacturing to healthcare and entertainment.

When asked “How healthy is your business?” an encouraging story emerges. The majority report that their business are very healthy, particularly those at large companies. What’s more, leaders of large business are feeling particularly good about their businesses as 38% say they are performing above expectations.

Many of these business leaders are wisely leveraging this opportunity to spur their business even further. They’re investing more resources in innovation and technology, and in their most powerful asset – their people.

For many Global Business Leaders, there is a lack of enthusiasm for the Trump administration initiatives: only 35% agree that that Trump administration has been good for business. Despite this, they are incredibly optimistic about their future. Sixty-five percent are confident in the future success of their business.

And that’s the Affluent Perspective.

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