How compatible are Tom Hiddleston fans and Taylor Swift fans?

Paul HiebertData Journalist
July 13, 2016, 3:41 PM GMT+0

Data from YouGov Profiles reveals that if members from each group went on a date, they would likely hit it off

In the celebrity realm, where beautiful people post beautiful photos of their beautiful friends on Instagram, this summer's hot romance features Taylor Swift and English actor Tom Hiddleston. (Or does it? Rumors say it's all a PR stunt, or extensive music video shoot, or piece of post-modern performance art — something, anything, other than true affection between two adults.)

Either way, we thought the whole tabloid-fueled spectacle raised on interesting question: How well would fans of Tom Hiddleston get along with fans of Taylor Swift if they went on a date? What would they eat for dinner? What kind of movie would they agree on? And what should they talk about?

Using YouGov Profiles, which contains a treasure trove of data on people's opinions, values, and behaviors, we can offer some advice.

Musical Taste

First dilemma of the night: What type of music should the couple listen to during the car ride to the restaurant? What's the best option for a good first impression? Swift fans, obviously, would prefer the music of Taylor Swift (it's their favorite). Hiddleston fans wouldn't object, as they like the young songstress, too, but just not as much as their top choices, Adele and Queen. It's therefore probably best to go with Swift and start the evening on a safe note.

Restaurant Preference

Where should the couple dine? Statistics suggest a Mexican restaurant, since both groups seem to like quesadillas. Hiddleston fans also enjoy burritos, while Team Taylor lists tacos as their top choice. If there's no Mexican restaurant nearby, perhaps an Italian joint for some pizza and spaghetti.

Topic of Conversation

Up until this point, our imaginary couple has only had a few connections. If this were a blind date, chances are it might be going okay, but not great. When the two get to talking while waiting for their entrées, however, things begin to click, as both share a fondness for art, history, and education. Here is where true romance might really start to bloom.

Movie Selection:

After a great meal and pleasant exchange of ideas, it's time to watch a film. But what type of film? Turns out that while Hiddleston fans would prefer a sci-fi flick over anything else, and Swift's squad might be interested in a documentary, the couple shares a total of four favorite movie genres: comedy, action, drama, and thrillers. No matter what's playing at the movie theater that night, they're bound to find something they both enjoy.


Hiddleston fans and Swift fans are a match! Additional data from YouGov Profiles shows that while Hiddleston fans mainly consist of females aged 18-34, Swift's fans are half male, half female, and extend across all age groups — meaning there's plenty of opportunity for all sorts of romantic mingling. Another opinion both cohorts can agree on: "My idea of the perfect night out is staying at home."

Let's hope this is a good omen for the actual Hiddleston and Swift (if they are, in fact, dating).